Mini  Citrus Trees

We grow grafted citrus (lemon, lime, orange) trees which live in pots.
Self-pollinating  trees will flower to develop fruit true-to-type,
while growing indoors in winter and outdoors in summer.
Trees increase in size and productivity each year, 
to a maximum height of 5+ feet.
2 yr old trees are able to produce flowers the 1st year.
Enjoy the fragrant flowers, but prune
off any developing fruit until year 4 or 5,
which enables the root zone and canopy to mature
enough to sustain maximum fruit development.
- We are located in Nova Scotia -


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June  Availability
Meyer Lemon
Melogold Grapefruit

2 year old tree
6" diameter fabric pot   
Height: 18" -24"     
price range: $ 50 - $ 75

3 year old tree
12" diameter fabric pot   
Height: 24" - 30+"     
price range: $ 80 - $ 125

Container growing is successful with
max height of 4 - 5 feet.
Please read PLANT CARE info before ordering

2 year old Meyer Lemon Tree
3 year old Meyer Lemon Tree

What Our Trees Look Like:

2 year old grafted trees, grown in 6 inch diameter, fabric grow pots as pictured here.

2 yr old trees next to 3 year old and 4 year old trees growing in our fabric pots.

Citrus Blossoms:

Meyer Lemon blossoms.
Intensely aromatic and nvigorating fresh scent.


Carlson Family Farm provides healthy citrus trees and makes information available to assist customers. However, we can give no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding their productivity, performance or life-span, due to the many factors beyond our control, once any tree leaves our farm.