Citrus Fabric Pot

Fabric Pot

$15 (10" diameter x 12" deep)

We make our Fabric Grow Pots from a durable, woven fabric with a long lifespan. Our pots give potted citrus trees a powerful growing edge compared to citrus trees planted in traditional pots of ceramic, clay or plastic. The fabric breathes, or aerates the root zone, causing it to self-prune rather than become root bound. We have experimented with these pots on our small and large trees and will never use a different kind of pot again! For aesthetics and for protecting indoor floors from water, we encourage customers to set the fabric potted trees within an even larger, heavier decorative pot (watch video below), leaving an air space between the outside of the Fabric Grow Pot and the inside of the solid decorative pot. The decorative pot does not need holes in the bottom, nor does it need to be expensive. Elevating the Fabric Grow Pot above the bottom of the larger pot allows it to drain well when watered, keeping the tree's roots from sitting directly in water.