Scottish Oat Cakes

Retail Locations:

Our Farm Market: Hwy 6, River John

Noggins Corner Market: Greenwich

Noggins Market @ Sante Center: Bedford

Noggins Market @ Alderney Landing: Dartmouth

Buttertrail Natural Goods: Tatamagouche
Earltown General Store: Earltown

Our Scottish Oatcakes - I was introduced to oatcakes by my mother-in-law, a brilliant cook. Over the years she has created her own version of Scottish oatcakes with less sugar and higher fiber. Our version of oatcakes has been inspired by her innovation.
Thank you Grammie

Gluten Free Oatcakes - Made with Certified Canadian Gluten-Free Oats. Our recipe is high in fiber with freshly ground flax seed & various textures of oats. It is low in sugar: using only organic raw cane sugar, and 100% Canadian butter. Our Sources - Canadian Gluten-free oats here

Dark Chocolate - We have chosen a high quality Dark Belgian dipping chocolate, which needs to be tempered before dipping to create shiny smooth surface. It contains no hydrogenated oils or inexpensive, artificial ingredients with a high volume of cocoa mass, 54.5%, pure cocoa butter and natural vanilla. Our Source - dipping chocolate here

Nutrition Facts - here Ingredients: Certified Gluten-free Oats (rolled & ground), fresh ground flax, butter, organic cane sugar, water, baking soda.

We use gluten-free ingredients - make sure our Food Safety Training is up to date - prepare and bake in a gluten-free aware kitchen to prevent cross-contamination. We are NOT a Certified GF kitchen.