Our little trees are grafted to flower and produce fruit while growing outdoors during our Canadian summers and indoors during colder winter months. Each tree is able to produce an adequate amount of fruit each year, increasing in size and productivity as it matures.  
 Local Delivery Service: 
We deliver to drop-off locations in these areas (Truro, Bedford & Dartmouth), providing significant savings on shipping. We are also offer more varieties to those choosing this delivery method. To take advantage of this delivery, please DO NOT order online; instead, request availability at  carlsonfamilyfarm@yahoo.com 

Young, 2 yr old trees are still available from our farm shop or on specified delivery dates. Contact us for details.
Large Tree Sale:
A limited number of our large trees will be made available for purchase from our farm shop.
Lemon, Mandarin, Keifer Lime, Clementine and Calamansi trees (see sample pics below)
                 ... 4 yr Mandarin Tree ...                          4 yr Lisbon Lemon Tree     4 yr Meyer Lemon Tree  

4 yr Keifer Lime Tree                    3 yr Clementine Trees                    3 yr Calamansi Tree

Larger Trees  $150  AVAILABLE FROM OUR FARM SHOP or DELIVERY (contact us for specific delivery days)
 These trees are 3 - 4 yr old trees already transplanted into the largest fabric pot necessary for their growth. Most trees have potential to  reach 4 - 6 ft with pruning. They need to live indoors in a sunny location in our Canadian winter months with option of moving outside onto a wind-free patio/deck area in summer. They require no re-potting, like the younger trees. However, they do still require adequate fertilizer for their leaves and soil, which we provide with our Fertilizer Packs. There are only a limited number of this size of tree available each year, sold on a first-come-first-served basis, therefore we cannot reserve ahead of time without payment. Thanks for your understanding.

Improved Meyer Lemon Online Orders Sold Out (still available from farm shop$50  
Do you need a Citrus Fabric Pot or Fertilizer? click here
       Native to China, this hybrid of lemon and orange parentage, is sweeter and less acidic than true lemons and was introduced to the USA in 1908, by Frank Meyer, an agricultural explorer. The fruit has deep yellow skin; thinner than other lemons and edible, with a floral scent. 
        The Improved Meyer Lemon is disease resistant and is popular with chefs who incorporate its unique sweetness and fragrance into their recipes. Its hardiness and ornamental characteristics make the Meyer attractive to growers and gardeners. Although it is tolerant of cold, it still needs to be covered or brought indoors when temperature drop below 20 Fahrenheit. Container growing is successful with its ultimate height reaching 6 feet with our particular rootstock. 
(Image shown is 5 yr old tree)  Plant Care

Keifer [Kaffir]Lime  Online Orders Sold Out (still available from farm shop$50  
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Image result for kaffir lime (‘makrut’ thai lime) pictures
    A backyard tree for most households in Thailand, the Kieffer Lime leaf, zest and juice supply great flavor to enhance many Thai, Cambodian and Indonesian foods. Lime leaves are dark green and glossy, with a double-lobe.
       This lime has dark green fruit with a bumpy surface and the peel contains high concentration of aromatic oils, indispensable in many curry pastes. The zest imparts a piquant flavor to fried fish cakes, blending in with spicy stews. In more 'soupy' dishes, the leaf is added whole or in smaller pieces, the same way Bay leaves would be used.  In salads the leaves are cut in fine, needle-like slivers. The rind is used sparingly; usually grated finely then blended as a paste with other ingredients such as lemon grass. Plant Care


What Our Trees Look Like
We ship 2 year old grafted trees, grown in 6 inch fabric pots.
Citrus Blossoms
A picture of our Meyer Lemon blossoms; intensely aromatic, bringing an invigorating fresh scent to all indoor environments.

Shipping: We ship with Canada Post X-Press Post, for fast delivery. 

Carlson Family Farm provides healthy citrus trees and makes information available to assist customers; however, we can give no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding their productivity, performance or life-spandue to the many factors beyond our control, once any tree leaves our farm.
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