FABRIC POT: Hand-made on our farm, from woven fabric with 20 yr lifespan, our Citrus Fabric Pots give potted citrus trees a powerful growing edge compared to trees planted in traditional pots of ceramic, clay or plastic. The fabric breathes, or aerates the root zone causing it to self-prune rather than become root bound. We have experimented with these pots on small and large trees and will never use a different kind of pot again! For aesthetics and for protection, we always encourage customers to set the fabric potted trees within an even larger, heavy decorative pot (watch video here). The decorative pot does not need holes nor does it need to be expensive. Elevating the fabric pot above the bottom of the larger pot allows it to drain well when watered without sitting directly in water. 
FERTILIZER PACK: Citrus trees need to be fed alkaline micro-nutrients through their leaves (foliar fertilizer) and acidic nutrients through their root zone (usually in slow release pellet form). We provide a simple product which lasts for a full growing season for one potted citrus. This pack includes both the foliar spray ingredients and a small package of slow release pellets which fits neatly in an envelope for easy shipping. Clear instructions accompany the pack. You may order the pack by itself, if you already have a citrus tree, or you may include it when you place an order for a new tree from our farm.

Fabric Pot
$10 (12" dia x 14" deep)

 Fertilizer Pack